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Demitasse - Milky Way Espresso

This is a fun left quote. If you asked an astronomer to tell you about the Milky way, they would probably say it is a barred spiral galaxy, about a hundred and fifty thousand light-years across, and that we live in a small part of the galaxy called the Orion Arm. But if you were to ask me, the great Professor Peaberry, the same question, I would say it is a dreamy spiral of dark and heavy chocolate and caramel deliciousness in my cup! Milky way is great as a straight espresso but truly shines in a creamy cloud of steamed milk in my latte cup. This intergalactic espresso blend put Demitasse’s cafes on the map in Southern California. One sip will have you swirling back into sweet childhood type flavors. This is destined to become a GoCoffeeGo favorite and top seller. Try this fantastic new roaster today. This is a fun right quote.

May 26, 2020
Medium / Sustainable, Dir. Trade
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Red Rooster Coffee Roaster - Old Crow Cuppa Joe

This is a fun left quote. I know the last thing you need right now is to hear someone crowing about something, as you climb the walls from cabin fever.. But crow, I will! Red Rooster was a surprise hit that we found via a 15 roaster submission and after 2 days of endless cupping, this Virginia roaster came out a winner, earning a spot on GoCoffeeGo. Not only is their packaging splashy but more importantly, their coffee is great. The single origin coffees are amazing. We pulled Old Crow Cuppa Joe shots on our La Marzocco GS3 and they came out fantastic. Old Crow is a smooth and chocolatey coffee with a rich full body. You will never be bored with this versatile blend. Brew it anyway that suits your mood. It can be brewed via drip, to pour over to espresso. It earned a 93 point score from our friends at Coffee Review, as well. Try this great coffee and you too will be crowing about Red Rooster. This is a fun right quote.

April 13, 2020
Medium / Organic, Fair Trade

Olympia Coffee - Lucas Melo Reserve

This is a fun left quote. For many people, when you envison paradise it is a dreamlike place that brings about visions of waterfalls, singing birds, butterflies and perfumed air. Lucas Melo’s farm, El Cairo is not a dream but a reality in Narino Colombia. El Cairo is one of the highest elevation coffee farms in the world and you can taste this 3rd generation farmer’s love and dedication in every sip. I find it is unusually delicate for a Colombian coffee. Lucas Melo Reserve has a gentle yet sparkling acidity in the cup. The floral and subtle chocolate notes are lovely. This is an impressive, well priced, clear knockout of a coffee. Have a taste of paradise today! This is a fun right quote.

February 27, 2020
Medium Light / Single Estate, COE

Barefoot Coffee - Redcab - Espresso

This is a fun left quote. The ever popular Barefoot Redcab Brazil Espresso is a classic mainstay that always hits the mark. For me, it is always on Target! Delightful childlike flavor notes tickle my sweet tooth. Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut and Caramel notes really deliver. Redcab is wonderfully heavy bodied and round with an outstanding crema finish that will make you come back for more. It is an office favorite for many of you, especially when the weather gets chilly. Try this wonderful and comforting snuggly cup of sweet love. This is a fun right quote.

November 06, 2019
Dark / Relationship, Dir. Trade

Tony's Coffee - Ganesha Espresso

This is a fun left quote. Each morning, as many of you do, I start my day with a double shot of espresso, often in a cappuccino. A great espresso is really important to me, as well as our customer base. I often tell prospective roasters that if they can not nail their espresso, then they have no shot of ever getting on GoCoffeeGo. It is just a total requirement to get on this coveted site. I must confess that Tony’s coffee blew my socks off with their award-winning Ganesha Espresso. It was the Winner of the 2013 America’s Best Espresso Competition in Seattle! Bag after bag, I fell more deeply in love. It is just a great heavy bodied delicious, crema-filled shot of deliciousness. Always consistent and something I know you will fall in love with and will make a mainstay on your espresso list. It is floral, sweet and syrupy with complex chocolate and fruit notes. This will be a real favorite for everyone. I encourage you to try this wonderful espresso. I know you will fall in love. This is a fun right quote.

October 21, 2019

Klatch Coffee - WBC World's Best Espresso Coffee

This is a fun left quote. Outstanding! I consider myself quite the Aficionado, Klatch Coffee has created an out of this world -- out of body experience in a cup. A recollection: As I peddled my way through Northern Italy on my bicycle, back in my fool-hardy days, I came across an espresso bar and a lovely barista, as sweet and delicate as this, she had balance too, just as this, and has a soft aftertaste -- oh this one is just like Sofia-- ahh... My friends a must have! Not only has Mike produced amazing progeny, including his daughter Heather who is a world Barista Champion, he also produces amazing roasted coffee! This is a fun right quote.

August 02, 2019

Temple Coffee - Dharma Espresso Blend

This is a fun left quote. Clang your Tibetan singing bowl. Temple's Dharma Espresso will transform you. You may think I am crazy, or jacked up on caffeine but I believe man's understanding of the dharma of inanimate things and the universe will be clearer with each sip. Okay, maybe that is stretching it a bit, but this is a great espresso. It is a perfect mix of Latin America and Ethiopian coffees. As straight espresso, it is a more fruit forward shot, with a bit of lively acidity. I like lively. In cappuccino and milk type drinks, it has a silky creaminess. The flavor brings to mind childhood memories. Flavor flashbacks, like those cups of frozen malted ice cream from the baseball game. You know the ones that you eat with a flat wooden spoon? Or maybe it is more like the soft, milky powdery soft notes, like the ones in Whoppers Malted Milk Ball candy. Great as a shot and comforting with cream. Don't be fooled by the name. Dharma may sound Zen but it is sure to get a lot of excitement. This is a fun right quote.

June 28, 2019
Medium Dark

Dallis Bros. Coffee - 1913 Blend

This is a fun left quote. Last month, I left my hot air balloon at home and jumped in my Gulfstream and flew to New York City. I headed straight for the Dallis cupping lab in Long Island City to try their latest- greatest coffees. I am thrilled to report I left mesmerized by a new blend called 1913 Blend! Cup after cup, I could not stop drinking it. I started drinking it in the morning and kept at it until lunchtime. It is truly the perfect breakfast and an all-day classic coffee. South American and Central American beans roasted beautifully, produce a bright chocolate cup of yum. It has a wonderful honey-like sweetness with a bit of fruit. Just enough to make it interesting. I loved this coffee so much that they surprised me yesterday with a 5- pound bag in the mail. Joy to the world! This is truly one of the best holiday gifts of all this Christmas. After you try it, you will make this one a Christmas morning and every morning classic. This is a fun right quote.

December 11, 2018
Medium / Sustainable

Barefoot Coffee - Adventurous Drip Sampler - 4 bags

This is a fun left quote. Morissa, Morrissa, Morrisa…What can I say? Every call I make to the Barefoot roastery is answered by you. Last week. I called inquiring about Barefoot's latest espresso from Papua New Guinea and you whispered in my ear…Fig, Sweet Jam, Cola berry and leather. Leather?! I gasped and my heart raced. I pleaded for her to stop end my agony. She told me to check the mailbox. I paced in front of the office. At 2 pm the mail came. In it was a bag of Barefoot's Arokara Espresso. I ran to my La Marzocco, opened the bag. The smell was heavenly. With a pull of a shot I was launched to the moon. I want you to all know this this is one amazing expresso. I wished for the larger size bag. That 2.5 pounder. Perhaps I will ask Santa for that. Oh dear. Must I sit on his lap?... The espresso was sweet and complex, like Morissa and had that chocolatey earthy body that warms and comforts so nicely in these colder winter months. It punches through the milk well and the fruit makes it a bright and jammy cup. The leather snaps it into shape. Try this espresso. This could be your new favorite. This is a fun right quote.

December 17, 2017

Doma Coffee - Carmela's

This is a fun left quote. Ah yes, not too long ago, I was back on my private jet heading to South America in my never-ending search for the holy grail of coffees. On a secret tip from my faithful valet Baldrick, somewhere in the northern region of South America, Doma Coffee was rumored to have a special secret blend of immense chocolate and tobacco notes befitting royalty. Upon touching down in Bogota, I was greeted at the runway by a mysterious woman with skin as dark and lovely as the roasted beans I was searching for. It was immediately obvious she knew why I had come and had expected me. Once off the plane, I waved farewell to my loyal companion and Go-Go dancer entourage, loading my luggage and favorite French press into her jeep. After an hour of enduring rough terrain plus a rather sore bottom, we arrived at her secluded field. Once parked, we proceeded to hike to the top of the hill where her colleagues were busy sorting, blending and roasting the day’s harvest. We sat down together at a small bistro table beside the roasting shed and locking her eyes to mine, she finally spoke. She said her name is Carmela and she had a coffee that would ensnare my senses. Her hands clapped twice and a young boy of 14 appeared with a wooden tray and two cups of this magical liquid. Scrutinizing the contents I could immediately smell the essence of dark chocolate and tobacco lingering in the air like a siren to a lonely sailor. I lifted the cup to my lips and upon my first sip I felt overtaken by the chocolatey passion, knocking me out of my chair. It was as if my clothes were flying everywhere, like Charlie Brown on the receiving end of a speeding fastball. I quickly regained my senses, however, like a Kennedy, I was bewildered to find my pants missing. Seeing me in a rather vulnerable state, Carmela grinned with cheeky approval. Come hither, Carmela! Having satisfied my scrutiny and recovering my favorite bespoke Kent & Haste trousers, I provided Carmela her payment. Now Doma is sharing Carmela’s blend with true coffee aficionados back home. Suffice to say this decadent roast is, to say the least, Peaberry Approved. This is a fun right quote.

October 31, 2017
Medium / Dir. Trade, Sustainable

Kuma Coffee - Fresh Crop Bright - (Red Bear Espresso)

This is a fun left quote. Fresh Crop Bright, formerly known as Red Bear Espresso, is a decadent offering from Mark Barany from Seattle. The flavor notes of Berries, Florals, Citrus and Tropical are sensational! Mark is a true artisan roaster. After meticulously cupping, sampling and choosing only the best beans from all over the world. Originally from New York, Mark moved and lived in Kenya for years. He learned how to speak Swahili and fell in love with African Coffees which set a new course for his life. Moving to Seattle in 1998, he became a barista, then a roaster in 2007 -- just roasting for a few friends. He fine-tuned, tinkered with roasting profiles, then in 2009 purchased his dream roasting equipment and Kuma Coffee was born. From the first sip of his coffee, I knew Mark was a coffee rock star in the making. Through the years, each and every cup of his offerings have blown us away and that is why Mark and Kuma are on GoCoffeeGo. A must brew! This is a fun right quote.

September 04, 2017
Medium Light / Relationship

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