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BeanFruit Coffee - Ethiopia Adame Gorbota
BeanFruit Coffee
Ethiopia Adame Gorbota
$16.00 / 12 oz.
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This is a fun left quote. Home Sweet Home! I am back in San Francisco after a whirlwind summer trip, traveling and checking out the coffee scene across the globe. From London to Amsterdam, things were percolating. In late June, I stumbled upon the first annual Café! Festival & Expo in Paris and every roastery there seemed to be brewing great African coffees. I was sad to leave but lucky for me that a fresh roasted package of Ethiopia Adame Gorbota was waiting for me upon my return to San Francisco from Paul Bonds, esteemed owner of Beanfruit Coffee. It is simply delicious and a perfect example of what a great washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe should taste like: A sparkling citric acidity, tons of peach and floral tones with a lasting tea-like finish. Paul found this gem when he cupped this coffee blindly among a great many high quality lots and it once again stood out at the table. This is not the first time he has sourced this coffee and it continues to impress year-after-year. It will not last forever, so grab this cup of sunshine while it lasts. This is a fun right quote.
  August 11, 2019
Medium Light