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Smokin' Aces Coffee Co. - Ethiopia Idido
Smokin' Aces Coffee Co.
Ethiopia Idido
(Dir. Trade)

$17.00 / 12 oz.
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This is a fun left quote. Fall is here! The warm October sun is shining bright with a little breeze from the bay here in San Francisco. It is especially now, before things get cold and the fog rolls in over the hills that I love a sexy and juicy African coffee. Smokin Aces Ethiopia Idido hits the mark. Bullseye! This coffee is from the Idido Mill and grown on a single farm in the famed Gedeo Zone. This beautiful natural processed coffee was grown with love and sundried on raised beds. The intense fruit forward flavor of Blackberry Jam, Blueberry and Citrus will make you smile. It is a grade 1 coffee, which is the highest grade of Ethiopian in the Yirgacheffe category. I just love it as a pour- over coffee in our Hario V60 or via Clever. I also tried it as a cold brew and was simply delighted! Try this coffee from our new roaster and let this coffee and its magic shine brightly in your cup. This is a fun right quote.
  October 14, 2018
Medium Light / Dir. Trade