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Klatch Coffee - Original Christmas Blend

This is a fun left quote. A Christmas Story told no better than by Mike Perry from Klatch: "It's called Original Christmas Blend because it dates back to Santa's first Christmas. As the story goes, Santa was originally a reindeer farmer in the highlands of Ethiopia. While allowing the reindeer to frolic and feed from the vegetation, Santa noticed them prancing around with extra energy. The reindeer became so energetic in fact, they began to fly around. Santa traced this energy to a new tree filled with red cherries. One reindeer, Rudolf, ate so many cherries his nose became red. Santa was so inspired; he tried the cherries himself and loved them. The only problem: Santa could not sleep at night. So while lying awake one night, Santa decided to visit the villages and share this wonderful gift of coffee with everyone. Not to leave the children out, Santa began making gifts to leave behind for all the kids. Using the prancing (now flying) reindeer, Santa took off and delivered the coffee and gifts to the entire world in one night. Thus, the story of the first Christmas and the Original Christmas Blend." Merry Christmas to All! This is a fun right quote.

December 23, 2014
Medium / Holiday Coffees, Fair Trade

Klatch Coffee - Panama Elida Natural

This is a fun left quote. Don your white woven Panama hat and recline in your Sarchi chair. That perfect summertime coffee has arrived! Mike at Klatch coffee has done it again with this phenomenal naturally processed Panama coffee. Panama Elida Natural is not your typical coffee. It is almost like a Geisha type coffee but for a considerably lower price. This beauty produces wonderful sweet berries and floral notes. It has a berryish chocolatey body with a bit of boysenberry and guava. It finishes with an almost banana aftertaste. It is currently the number one favorite coffee of Klatch team member Nzo right now. I have to agree, it is one not to miss. This is a fun right quote.

August 02, 2014
Medium / Dir. Trade, Relationship

Brandywine Coffee Roasters - Burundi, Nkonge Hill Natural

This is a fun left quote. Spring has sprung! Love is in the air and in our cups today. We are drinking our new fabulous roaster, Brandywine’s Burundi Long Miles Coffee Project Nkonge Hill Natural coffee. We are absolutely in love with this fruit basket of a coffee!! The blackberry jam notes shine through with plum, peach and maple syrup. This really and truly is one of my most favorite natural coffees of the year. My love is bordering on obsession. Quick! Someone take out a restraining order! I can not stay away! Drink it black or with a bit of sugar for a super sweet and fruity cup of love that you will never want to leave. The art on the package makes it eye candy on your counter. Really a wonderful coffee. Perfect hot or cold. Grab a couple bags while you can. This is a fun right quote.

May 08, 2018
Light / Relationship, Shade