Peaberry Recommends - Medium Light
Doma Coffee - Colombia Organic - Tolima
Doma Coffee
Colombia Organic - Tolima
(Organic, Fair Trade)

$14.30 / 12 oz.
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This is a fun left quote. From the first time I had this Colombia Organic Coffee over two years ago, I knew Doma Coffee was a special roaster indeed! This coffee is still just as fantastic today as it was then which says a lot about Doma. Consistency! Yes this is a true sign of a master roaster. This coffee's smooth flavor notes of chocolate that remind me of the perfect hot cocoa with honey and almond, blows me away -- so much so, that we had to have Doma Coffee on GoCoffeeGo! Order this and you too with become a believer in this fantastic roaster just as we are! This is a fun right quote.
  June 01, 2011
Medium Light / Organic, Fair Trade
Olympia Coffee - Little Buddy Organic Blend
Olympia Coffee
Little Buddy Organic Blend
(Organic, Sustainable)

$17.00 / 12 oz.
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This is a fun left quote. Looking for a great drip coffee? Drum roll, please!…Get ready for Olympia Coffee's latest retro inspired creation: "Little Buddy." Following the success of Big Truck Espresso, Oliver Stormshak and the gang at Olympia wanted to create a great coffee that was specifically roasted for brewing in your old school home drip machine. Incorporating a smooth, full bodied coffee with strong notes of caramel, this timeless cup brings forth to modern day a renewed sense of youthful exuberance. Little Buddy was inspired by the feeling of freedom you had when you were 16 and got the keys to your first car. In Oliver's family, the memory started the day that he watched his older sister, Bridgette, get the keys to the 1982 Honda Civic as featured on the bag. Young Oliver watched in awe as she slid behind the wheel, pondering the possibilities…The adventure of one day leaving the suburbs and entering the great unknown. She named her car "Little Buddy" as it became her reliable companion. Let this coffee be your companion in life's journey. Friends, raise your mug to the Honda Civic, Mustang, Pinto, Camaro or even station wagon of your past. It does not matter what it was as much as where it took you in life. Carry On! This is a fun right quote.
  September 14, 2016
Medium Light / Organic, Sustainable
Atomic Cafe - East Timor Ermera
Atomic Cafe
East Timor Ermera
$13.00 / 12 oz.
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This is a fun left quote. So many of us are huge fans of Atomic’s mainstay blends and espresso offerings. It is one of the reasons we fell in love with Atomic and how they won a place on GoCoffeeGo. Lately our staff has been abuzz as Atomic has really been kicking it up. Their recent fresh new single origin offerings are gathering a whole new fanbase among our staff and coffee geek customers. Today I want to praise their East Timor Ermera. It shares flavors characteristic of many Indo-Pacific coffees (earthy, spiced, woodsy) but has some very bright fruit notes and a medium body. It very well may be one of my favorite coffees right now and without a doubt my favorite Indonesian coffee at the moment. For many, Indonesian coffees simply have too much body, are typically dark roasted and exhibit very earthy flavors, but this particular coffee has the right body and a lot of flavors that you don’t usually associate with coffees for that region, add to that a lighter roast profile and I think it is a brilliant cup. This is a fun right quote.
  July 31, 2016
Medium Light