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Medium Light Coffee recommendations

Kuma Coffee - Fresh Crop Bright - (Red Bear Espresso)

This is a fun left quote. Fresh Crop Bright, formerly known as Red Bear Espresso, is a decadent offering from Mark Barany from Seattle. The flavor notes of Berries, Florals, Citrus and Tropical are sensational! Mark is a true artisan roaster. After meticulously cupping, sampling and choosing only the best beans from all over the world. Originally from New York, Mark moved and lived in Kenya for years. He learned how to speak Swahili and fell in love with African Coffees which set a new course for his life. Moving to Seattle in 1998, he became a barista, then a roaster in 2007 -- just roasting for a few friends. He fine-tuned, tinkered with roasting profiles, then in 2009 purchased his dream roasting equipment and Kuma Coffee was born. From the first sip of his coffee, I knew Mark was a coffee rock star in the making. Through the years, each and every cup of his offerings have blown us away and that is why Mark and Kuma are on GoCoffeeGo. A must brew! This is a fun right quote.

September 04, 2017
Medium Light / Relationship

Olympia Coffee - Lucas Melo Reserve

This is a fun left quote. For many people, when you envison paradise it is a dreamlike place that brings about visions of waterfalls, singing birds, butterflies and perfumed air. Lucas Melo’s farm, El Cairo is not a dream but a reality in Narino Colombia. El Cairo is one of the highest elevation coffee farms in the world and you can taste this 3rd generation farmer’s love and dedication in every sip. I find it is unusually delicate for a Colombian coffee. Lucas Melo Reserve has a gentle yet sparkling acidity in the cup. The floral and subtle chocolate notes are lovely. This is an impressive, well priced, clear knockout of a coffee. Have a taste of paradise today! This is a fun right quote.

February 27, 2020
Medium Light / Single Estate, COE