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Third Wave Coffee - Trifecta House Espresso

Third Wave Coffee

Trifecta House Espresso



12 oz.

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This is a fun left quote. Like many, I have been in isolation, keeping awake and cozy with never ending cups of coffee. Yes, it is good to be Peaberry! One of my recent favorites comes from one of our newest roasters, Third Wave Coffee. Out of many auditioning roasters, they won our hearts with their Trifecta espresso. What a great shot to pull indeed! Yummy sweet caramel, peanut butter and cherry notes make this a tremendous house espresso. Trifecta is popular not only at Third Wave but now with GoCoffeeGo customers. After one order, we are seeing customers agree, as many have put this espresso in their Autoship for reoccurring delivery and for good reason. It is simply wonderful. This is a fun right quote.

November 17, 2020