Medium and Dark Roast Espresso Coffee from Ethiopia



Confection is our flagship espresso with components that change throughout the year. It is super sweet but balanced & complex.

Recommended Shot Parameters:

18g Dose 200-201 deg 26-28 sec 36-38g yield

BeanFruit Coffee

Confection Seasonal Espresso

Roasts and ships Monday thru Thursday.
$16.50 / 12 oz.
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Medium Dark


Super sweet, thick


Medium, Balanced and Complex


Sweet cocoa, berry, nutty, cola finish




Confection is our flagship espresso with components that change throughout the year. It is super sweet but balanced & complex.

Recommended Shot Parameters:

18g Dose 200-201 deg 26-28 sec 36-38g yield

Roaster Detail
BeanFruit Coffeearticle-shape
Paul Bonds, Greg Jacob
2017 Good Food Award Winner
 2nd Place America's Best Cold Brew Coffee Fest 2017
 2015 Good Food Award Winner2017 Good Food Award Winner
 Multiple 90+ scores Coffee Review

BeanFruit Coffee Coffee Company is a small coffee roasting company located in the Jackson, Mississippi Metro Area. This company began with a desire to provide fresh roasted coffee to the Jackson Metro and educate local consumers about great tasting coffee. How did we begin? It all began with a cup of coffee...

We wanted an awesome cup of coffee that could be brewed at home and could not find it locally. After many months of disappointment and wasted gas, we took it on ourselves to search for and provide the best coffee we could find in the world. Paul, our founder went on a quest to learn everything about what it took to create an awesome cup of coffee from bean selection to roasting. We also wanted to emphasize educating our customers about what "quality" really meant when it came to coffee. At BeanFruit Coffee Company we feel it is our responsibility to teach our customers what quality coffee is and provide them with quality coffee as well.

What is BeanFruit?

We sometimes get asked, "Where did you get the name Beanfruit?" I wish I could say that the name came from an ancient coffee city or it meant something cool in Latin, but it doesn't. When we decided to start a coffee company, we wanted to give it a distinct name. We didn't want to give it a typical name because our coffee is nowhere near typical. We wanted something that represented the foundation of coffee itself, which are the beans. Where do the beans comes from? Well the coffee bean itself comes from a coffee shrub that produces a fruit called a "coffee cherry." When the cherries are ripe, they are harvested from the coffee plant. Inside of these cherries are two seeds (Note: sometimes there is only one seed inside of a coffee cherry, these little darlings are called "Peaberries"). These seeds are processed and removed from the fruit. Visually they look like two beans, hence the coffee "bean."

We kept trying to figure out what to name the company. Bean-Juice?? No. FruitRoast?? No, didn't really have a ring to it. We did not want to exclude either part of the coffee plant. They are both equally important. It's like, what's more important, the chicken or the egg? Late one night, it came to me "BeanFruit!" It made so much sense. Coffee is a "bean" and it's a "fruit"-hence the name "BeanFruit." The name was shared with a couple of our close friends and their response was "awesome." So the name stuck. We love the name, love the coffee and hope you will love it as well.

What drives us?

BeanFruit Coffee Company's desire is to provide fresh roasted coffee with a focus on single-origin coffees. Why the focus on single origins? We want our customers to be aware of what beverage they are drinking and where it came from. That is why meticulously select the coffee we roast and roast it to perfection to bring out the character of each coffee.


BeanFruit Coffee Company is in favor sustainable practices and are members of the Rainforest Alliance and we are currently the only Fair Trade Certified roaster in the state of Mississippi. We also support farms with a focus on Organic farming practices. However, our allegiance isn't totally to a specific group of certifications. We understand that there are farms that don't meet the criteria of either certifications but provide their workers with many benefits including fair wages. Our focus is sustainability not certifications.

Overall our passion is people. From the farmers who harvest our green coffees to the final customers who brew their favorite drink in the morning. We put everything we have into making your cup perfect and we hope you enjoy.

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