Tony's Coffee - Classic French
Tony's Coffee - Classic French

Classic French

(Sustainable, Shade)

$12.00 / 12 oz.

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Classic French
Classic French is our darkest, heartiest blend. While we’re always refining our roast profiles, we like to think of this coffee as an homage to the roasting style of 1971 – the year of our founding. We find this blend to be a particularly tasty after-dinner coffee, especially when paired with a rich, chocolaty dessert. To experience all the full-bodied goodness that this coffee has to offer, try brewing it through a French Press or Moka pot. Delicious black or with a dollop of cream. Full-bodied, smoky and sweet. Dark Roast – Agtron 45

Roast: Dark
Body: Rich
Acidity: Mellow
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