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Tony's Coffee - Classic French

Tony's Coffee Classic French

Tony's Coffee - Classic French

Classic French

(Sustainable, Shade)

$12.00 / 12 oz.

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Roasts and ships Monday thru Thursday.

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Classic French - 5 lbs.

Classic French is our darkest, heartiest blend. While we’re always refining our roast profiles, we like to think of this coffee as an homage to the roasting style of 1971 – the year of our founding. We find this blend to be a particularly tasty after-dinner coffee, especially when paired with a rich, chocolaty dessert. To experience all the full-bodied goodness that this coffee has to offer, try brewing it through a French Press or Moka pot. Delicious black or with a dollop of cream. Full-bodied, smoky and sweet. Dark Roast – Agtron 45

Roast: Dark
Body: Rich
Acidity: Mellow
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