Tony's Coffee - Burundi Kiniyota
Tony's Coffee - Burundi Kiniyota

Burundi Kiniyota

(Dir. Trade, Sustainable)

$15.00 / 12 oz.

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Roasts Tuesdays. Ships Tuesday thru Thursday

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Burundi Kiniyota - 5 lbs.

Burundi Kiniyota
Roasts Tuesdays. Ships Tuesday thru Thursday. If you were to drop by Tony’s and ask us to describe our favorite cup of coffee, you would quickly notice a trend. The outdoors. The only thing we love more than making coffee is making coffee in the outdoors. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest combined with the anticipation surrounding your first cup on a crisp morning, is the perfec...
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Roast: Light
Body: Juicy
Acidity: Bright
Notes: Cantaloupe, Raspberry, Lemon
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