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Temple Coffee - Kenya Chania Estate

Temple Coffee Kenya Chania Estate

Temple Coffee - Kenya Chania Estate

Kenya Chania Estate

(Single Estate)

$115.00 / 5 lbs.

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Roasts and ships Monday through Thursday
92 Points Coffee Review!
Kenya Chania Estate
The vibrant fragrance of this offering provides a cursory preview of the untapped flavor that awaits with the first sip. Sweet, ripe cantaloupe and pineapple-like acidity quickly wash across the palate and develop into a deep black cherry and red plum tartness. The coffee finishes with a light cantaloupe sweetness.

Atop a plateau between valleys is Chania E...
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Roast: Light
Body: Bursting At The Seams
Acidity: Sweet
Notes: Cantaloupe, White, Black Cherry
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