Temple Coffee - Costa Rica Casa Del Coyote Espresso
Temple Coffee - Costa Rica Casa Del Coyote Espresso

Costa Rica Casa Del Coyote Espresso

(Single Estate, Dir. Trade)

$17.50 / 12 oz.

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Costa Rica Casa Del Coyote Espresso
Deep in the mountains of the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica the Madrigal family has been dedicating their farm to growing and processing the perfect coffee. Casa del Coyote is the smallest farm in the region. This gives them the freedom to take their time and process their coffees perfectly. This lot is a honey or pulp natural processed coffee, meaning the cherry is de-pulped and laid out on raised drying beds with the sticky mucilage still on the seed. This is a great example of well processed coffee. Enjoy!

Roast: Medium
Body: Orange Zest, Cacao Nib
Acidity: Sweet
Notes: Wild Berry, Fudge, Hazelnut. Lively Cedar Finish
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