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Temple Coffee - Colombia La Victoria

Temple Coffee Colombia La Victoria

Temple Coffee - Colombia La Victoria

Colombia La Victoria

(Single Estate, Sustainable)

$19.00 / 12 oz.

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Roasts and ships Monday thru Thursday.
92 Points Coffee Review!
Colombia La Victoria
With a medium body and crisp finish, this Colombian coffee gives a lightly tart and bright start, followed by notes of bittersweet grapefruit, sweet apple, and tart plum. The acidity rounds out at the finish with crisp and subtle sweetness.


Oswal Yovanny Rodriguez Guevara (who prefers to go by "Yovanny") owns and operates Finca La Victoria, a three-h...
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Roast: Medium
Body: Medium
Acidity: Crisp, subtle sweetness
Notes: Grapefruit, apple, plum
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