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Temple Coffee - Capitol Cold Brew

Temple Coffee Capitol Cold Brew

Temple Coffee - Capitol Cold Brew

Capitol Cold Brew

(Iced Coffee)

$17.50 / 12 oz.

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Roasts and Ships Monday thru Thursday

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Capitol Cold Brew - 5 lbs.

Capitol Cold Brew
Bringing to mind the lightness and energy of summer, our Capital Cold Brew Blend offers notes of bright citrus zest and tart red cherry. Hints of nutty milk chocolate ensue, carried by a medium body and ending in a slight lingering finish. A true crowd-pleaser, our Capital Cold Brew invigorates with a smooth, lightly sweet cup that will keep you refreshed all season long.
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Roast: Medium Light
Body: Smooth, medium
Acidity: Medium
Notes: Red cherry, milk chocolate, citrus
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