Ritual Coffee - Stickball Seasonal Espresso
Ritual Coffee - Stickball Seasonal Espresso

Stickball Seasonal Espresso


$12.50 / 12 oz.

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Stickball Seasonal Espresso
San Francisco’s microclimates are a pretty fantastic constant, but we here at Ritual Coffee Roasters still see the Spring as a time for rejuvenation, for rebirth, and for the hope of a wonderful year full of beautiful coffees. Hence, our latest seasonal offering is called Stickball Espresso—it is our nod to the quiet excitement of changing seasons. Just as the simple pick-up gam...
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Roast: Medium Light
Body: Juicy, sweet
Acidity: Sweet, Medium to Bright
Notes: Ripe Plum, Floral Citrus, Tropical Fruits and Caramel Apple Finish
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