Ritual Coffee - Serra Negra, Brasil
Ritual Coffee - Serra Negra, Brasil

Serra Negra, Brasil

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$14.00 / 12 oz.

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Serra Negra, Brasil
A sweet cup, with flavors of chocolate ice cream and walnuts, with a ripe cantaloupe acidity. Pedro Rossi grows these Red Catuaí cherries on his 100-hectare farm, Serra Negra, 1200 meters above sea level near the town of Patrocínio in the Cerrado growing region of Minas Gerais, Brasil. Due to the relatively flat landscape of the farm, the coffee cherries are allowed to dry on the tree before being collected by harvesters. The coffee is then sorted and laid out on concrete patios to finish drying.

Roast: Medium Light
Body: Round and full
Acidity: Balanced
Notes: Chocolate ice cream, walnuts, ripe cantaloupe
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