Ritual Coffee - Florencio Mamani
Ritual Coffee - Florencio Mamani

Florencio Mamani

(Relationship, Single Estate)

$16.75 / 12 oz.

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Florencio Mamani
Our initial release of coffee lots from the Mamani family comes from producer Florencio Mamani. The lot is a blend of Typica and Caturra variety coffees, grown at elevations around 1600 meters above sea level in the Chojñapampa Zone, in the Caranavi Municipality of the La Paz Province. This 10 bag microlot was hand picked and washed before being dried on raised beds. Sweet and full, with flavors of semi-sweet chocolate chips, citrus and oat bar.

Roast: Medium Light
Body: Medium
Acidity: Sweet
Notes: Chocolate Chip, Citrus, Oat bar
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