Olympia Coffee - Sweetheart
Olympia Coffee - Sweetheart


(Sustainable, Dir. Trade)

$110.00 / 5 lbs.

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Roasts and ships Monday thru Thursday.
Great for all brewing methods.

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Sweetheart - 12 oz.

This Sweetheart is a collection of coffees from the famed Yirgacheffe area of Ethiopia. We work in the surrounding towns, from Wenago all the way down to Banko Gotiti and in this collection we have included only washed coffees from these areas. These coffees are world renown for their floral quality and elegance. Ethiopia, being the birthplace of coffee, is also known for an exclusi...
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Roast: Medium
Body: Medium
Acidity: Citric
Notes: Flavors of peach, candied citrus, and rose
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