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Olympia Coffee - Ethiopia Desta Gola

Olympia Coffee Ethiopia Desta Gola

Olympia Coffee - Ethiopia Desta Gola

Ethiopia Desta Gola

(Single Estate, Fair Trade)

$20.50 / 12 oz.

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Ethiopia Desta Gola
Desta Gola is a farmer we had the pleasure of meeting during the 2018 coffee harvest at Adame Gorbota, a large cooperative in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. We have been purchasing coffee from this co-op for many years but our goal in 2018 was to increase traceability, transparency, and quality by identifying farmers with whom we could purchase from directly. This direct partnership would m...
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Roast: Light
Body: Delicate
Acidity: Bright and Sparkling
Notes: Berry jam, peach, and jasmine
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Olympia Coffee
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