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Novo Coffee - Korgua PB

Novo Coffee Korgua PB

Novo Coffee - Korgua PB

Korgua PB

(Single Estate)

$17.00 / 12 oz.

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Korgua PB
It’s been a long time since we here at Novo have had a coffee offering from Papua New Guinea, but now the wait is finally over. PNG has a wonderful terroir for producing great coffees: high elevations, a great climate, and solid agronomy, along with good processing techniques and varieties. Korgua PB is no exception. A peaberry coffee from the Korgua Estate, this coffee is rich with deep fudge and toffee notes, balanced by bright fruit flavors, cherries and citrus. We hope you’re as excited for this coffee as we are.

Roast: Medium
Body: Full & sweet
Acidity: Citrus
Notes: Fudge, walnut, black cherry
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