MadCap Coffee - Lake Effect
MadCap Coffee - Lake Effect

Lake Effect

$18.00 / 12 oz.

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Lake Effect
Lake Effect is the winter offering in the MADCAP series of seasonal blends. We use our exceptional single-origin coffees to create a mix of flavors that embody each season. Whether you've been hitting the slopes, scraping ice from your windshield, or trudging through the city slush, our Lake Effect blend is designed to warm you up during these chilly months. Put on a sweater and cozy up with this coffee's depth, body, and spice. The current blend is:2/3 Las Aguas Altas, Guatemala and 1/3 Didier Reinoso, Colombia.

Roast: Medium Light
Body: Nice
Acidity: Medium
Notes: Round, Chocolate, Vibrant, Berries, Spice
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