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1000Faces Coffee - Espresso Neruda

1000Faces Coffee Espresso Neruda

1000Faces Coffee - Espresso Neruda

Espresso Neruda

(Organic, Shade)

$16.00 / 12 oz.

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Espresso Neruda
Espresso Neruda, our newest top shelf espresso blend, is named after poets Jan and Pablo Neruda. Created by marrying two seemingly disparate and faraway lands, this espresso will inspire you to simultaneously stage a coup, dance the tango of love, and pour forth your soul in a candle lit corner through volumes of scrawling sonnets. Satiny smooth, lusciously fruity and creamy, let us let you fall in love.

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Roast: Medium Dark
Body: Smooth, like melted caramel
Acidity: A well toned Soprano
Notes: Raspberry, chocolate, sweet red berry candy, blood orange juice
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1000Faces Coffee
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