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Members' Pick - Read More
Member's Pick - Novo Coffee - Espresso Novo
Francisco C.
Edison, NJ
This is a fun left quote. For years all I ever knew was Starbucks burnt coffee taste. I finally took the plunge and bought a home espresso machine which meant buying some fresh coffee. I bought some Novo coffee based on previous user reviews and let me tell you each cup of coffee is like a little slice of heaven! With Novo coffee I can actually taste what coffee is! I went back to Starbucks after being spoiled by my Novo coffee and after my first SIP of the Starbucks it tasted like they strained the hot water through an ashtray! I tasted none of the coffees subtle flavors which I have come to enjoy with my Novo coffee. All I tasted was a dark charred smokey mess. I could only drink half of the coffee! I threw the other half in the garbage. All I have to say is thanks Novo for opening my eyes and taste buds to what coffee is supposed to taste like! This is a fun right quote.
  April 11, 2011
Medium Dark / Sustainable, Relationship
Novo Coffee
Espresso Novo
(Sustainable, Relationship)

$16.00 / 12 oz.
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Novo Coffee - Espresso Novo