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Members' Pick - Read More
Member's Pick - Henry's House Of Coffee - Decaf Henry's
Jeonghoon K.
South Korea
This is a fun left quote. I think many of you have ordered coffee from Henry's Coffee because of its new arrival and promotion. I'm also one of them:) By the way, among so many coffees what should you select from it? My answer is, definitely Henry's Decaf Coffee! I have never seen a coffee with such a strong aroma. After opening the package of Henry's Decaf Coffee, whenever I enter my house I can smell so beautiful coffee aroma. It smells like chocolate, walnut and - interestingly - wine! Taste? No need to mention. With milk, it makes a perfect sweet taste. And it has very strong and smooth body. I feel like I'm tasting a coffee with a drop of red wine. Do you enjoy latte or cappuccino? And you want to be happy whenever you enter your house? Then choose this! I bet you'd be really satisfied. This is a fun right quote.
  November 04, 2015
Dark / Decaf., Iced Coffee
Henry's House Of Coffee
Decaf Henry's
(Decaf., Iced Coffee)

$18.00 / 1 lb.
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Henry's House Of Coffee - Decaf Henry's