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Members' Pick - Read More
Member's Pick - Klatch Coffee - Panama Carmen Estate 1750
New York, NY
This is a fun left quote. This coffee was SPECTACULAR. I loved the Klatch Panama Carmen Estate. It was without a doubt one of the best coffees I have EVER, EVER had. I guess the best endorsement came from my boyfriend who is super-fussy. He is actually a very sweet guy but for some reason about a MILLION TIMES fussier than I am about coffee. He definitely doesn't like just any coffee and can really taste the different flavors in coffee far better than I can (he also drinks it black, hence an even bigger coffee snob..heh, heh, he will kill me when he reads this!). And let me tell you, the Klatch hit a home run with him. He rarely gives a coffee an A+. Usually his reaction (after much pressing from me) is a sober "it's good" and after I say "what do you MEAN "it's good??'" he says "It's O-kay" and when I say "What do you mean "just O-kay?!?!?" he says "Well, it just doesn't have much going on!" WELL...the Klatch Panama not only got a heartfelt "This coffee is EXCELLENT" from him (before I even got a chance to ask him what he thought!) but he practically wrote a sonnet and sang an aria in its honor. When I took the first sip I knew I was having something really out of the ordinary---you just know from the first sip that it is not a coffee that is easily topped (and I drink it with milk---didn't matter, you could still tell it was WAY OUT OF THE ORDINARY). The best way that I can describe it (and I hope this doesn't come across as pretentious, I don't mean it to be) is that the coffee gently enraptures you. Very few do this in quite the same way as the Klatch Panama. Also, the way I brew it is first I use the Baratza Virtuoso to grind (usually at grind number 21 or 22) and then I brew in the Technivorm Moccamaster. However, I could imagine that the coffee would work really well in a French Press or even a percolator. 5 Stars! This is a fun right quote.
  November 29, 2010
Medium / Dir. Trade, Relationship
Klatch Coffee
Panama Carmen Estate 1750
(Dir. Trade, Relationship)

$14.95 / 12 oz.
This coffee is temporarily unavailable.
Klatch Coffee - Panama Carmen Estate 1750