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Members' Pick - Read More
Member's Pick - Kuma Coffee - Panama Carmen Reserve
Corey C.
Chelsea, MI
This is a fun left quote. I had just finished reading about Boquete, Panama and the great coffees that they grow when my bag of Carmen Reserve from Kuma Coffee arrived in the mail. To start, it arrived two days after roast, just about as fresh as it gets. Having been my first bag of Kuma, I was pleasantly surprised when they chose to include the varietal, the farmer and the wash process. The beans were evenly roasted and they did a great job accentuating all the coffee had to offer. I brewed a cup right away in my Hario V60 and was delighted by how bright it was. It was incredibly clean which allowed me to enjoy the floral aroma, the fruity undertones and the clean finish. I approve, Kuma! P.S. I love your bags. This is a fun right quote.
  February 11, 2013
Medium Light / Single Estate
Kuma Coffee
Panama Carmen Reserve
(Single Estate)

$18.00 / 12 oz.
This coffee is temporarily unavailable.
Kuma Coffee - Panama Carmen Reserve