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Member's Pick - Atomic Coffee Roasters - Intensi Espresso
Alun B.
North Bethesda, MD
This is a fun left quote. Thinking back on it, I'm embarrassed to admit that the main reason I bought Atomic coffee was because the geek in me loved the logo (I'm a scientist, so atoms will get my attention 9 times out of 10), and I also happened to be looking for a nice espresso blend. Thankfully, it turns out that my choice was a great one. I'm on my third bag of Espresso Intensi, and I'm loving the stuff. So far, I've been using the beans in my automatic espresso machine with no problems whatsoever (where other oilier beens have clogged the grinder). I have used the beans to make espresso, and also to make my ritual morning latte. Intensi works great for both drinks. The flavor of the beans is, as the name suggests, intense. However, the beans have been beautifully roasted, so lack that acrid, overpowering flavor that is sometimes present in beans that have been roasted with less care. The flavor is beautifully balanced with tones of chocolate, balanced with lighter, fruitier notes. It's really.....ehm.....very good. Buy some. You will not regret your choice. This is a fun right quote.
  April 12, 2010
Atomic Coffee Roasters
Intensi Espresso
$14.00 / 12 oz.
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Atomic Coffee Roasters - Intensi Espresso