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Member's Pick - PT's Coffee - Kenya Thiriku - Top Auction Lot
John D.
Bensenville, IL
This is a fun left quote. Mmmmmm, this stuff is so good. Hot, right out of the French press there’s a bright citrus acidity, almost lemony burst of flavor. As the cup cools other flavors, mid range notes, all those candies and fruit flavors that cuppers talk about dance on the palate and tongue. This coffee might be a little weak in the finish. If it were perfect you’d have a more pronounced coco or chocolate flavor in the cool cup but the finish is not bad and there’s no bitterness. This coffee is a nearly perfect example of the classic bourbon profile. It’s also just plain lip smacking good. I’d give it about a 94 if I was reviewing it on Coffee Review. I'll be ordering more. Soon! I’d also like to acknowledge all the care and effort that go into a coffee this good. You start with heirloom varietals of the bourbon coffee plant. The SL 28 and SL 34 varieties grow in Kenya are some of the oldest and purest varieties. The coffee must be grown, picked and processed with care, precision and even a little love. The coffee needs to be gently give a nice light roast to bring out the flavor of the coffee (not the roast, dark roasting ruins coffee). And you need to grind and brew it using some immersion process, since paper filters also ruin coffee. Fortunately a French press is both easy and inexpensive. Enough of this, time to brew another cup and sit down with a good book. This is a fun right quote.
  August 06, 2012
Medium Light / Dir. Trade
PT's Coffee
Kenya Thiriku - Top Auction Lot
(Dir. Trade)

$19.99 / 12 oz.
This coffee is temporarily unavailable.
PT's Coffee - Kenya Thiriku - Top Auction Lot