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Members' Pick - Read More
Member's Pick - Ritual Coffee - Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala
Brent H.
Alpharetta, GA
This is a fun left quote. This is a delightfully sweet yet mellow coffee. Perfect for lounging around on lazy weekend mornings, dodging sunbeams and relaxing in an overstuffed chair. What struck me immediately after grinding was the scent of raw honey wafting from the beans. I probably spent a good 30 seconds with my nose hovering inches from the grounds, just enjoying the aroma. The first sip was beautifully creamy and carried notes of almond and graham cracker. As the cup cooled, some soft fruitiness shone through. I really enjoyed this coffee and it's a great representation of what a good offering from Guatemala should be. This is a fun right quote.
  October 08, 2012
Medium Light / Dir. Trade, Relationship
Ritual Coffee
Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala
(Dir. Trade, Relationship)

$19.00 / 12 oz.
This coffee is temporarily unavailable.
Ritual Coffee - Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala