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Members' Pick - Read More
Member's Pick - PT's Coffee - John Brown Blend
Kimberly M.
Los Angeles, CA
This is a fun left quote. Lately I have really gotten into specialty roasters and have been ordering different coffees from GoCoffeeGo. I love it! My latest is PT's John Brown Blend. It's amazing and so smooth. It has a rich, sweet, caramel-chocolaty vibe. My favorite! As a Los Angeles celebrity / fashion photographer, I am always shooting in the studio or outside on location early in the morning and late into the day, forever chasing the light. A great cup of coffee really keeps me and my crew going. I shared some of this with an actor and his publicist last week on a shoot and they loved it. Having a few different coffees to serve made the client feel really special. Lately I have been shooting a lot of corporate portraits for executives and often fly around to do it. I hate hotel coffee with a passion and am thinking about packing some specialty beans in my carry-on bag next time. So far I have loved everything I have tried on the site and will for sure buy the PT's John Brown blend again. This is a fun right quote.
  January 18, 2010
Medium Dark / Sustainable
PT's Coffee
John Brown Blend

$16.50 / 12 oz.
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PT's Coffee - John Brown Blend