Coffee Bean Reviews: Members' Picks of Fresh Roasted Coffee

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Member Picks of the Week: Discover the Best Coffee Selections Handpicked by Our Community

Uncover hidden gems in the world of coffee with our Coffee Bean Reviews: Members' Picks. Discover a variety of unique and exceptional beans handpicked by our community of coffee enthusiasts, each boasting distinct flavors and characteristics that will elevate your brewing experience.

Ghost Town Coffee Roasters

Emerald Espresso

$15.10 / 12 oz.

Love this espresso because it tastes great. The sensory and aroma experience was great. I did a cappuccino with agave in the base of the cup and then added more coffee. Not too acidic which is great.

Medium / Organic

Russell S.

Fort Collins, CA


Tony's Coffee

Sugar Bee Espresso

$93.00 / 5 lbs.

Jura Giga 6 machine espresso shot = 1.5oz @ strength 8 coffee = 7oz @ strength 8 medium grind I LOVE THIS. This roast has a smooth and thick feel as a shot (I want my coffee to feel "chewy" - that's how thick I want it. LOL). I taste more semi-sweet chocolate than milk chocolate with some slight fruit that I cannot identify. I test all of my coffees as they relate to 1/2 & 1/2 (I don't sweeten my coffee at all) and this one, while being sweet as a shot, gets insanely sweet with the addition of dairy. It has less body as a coffee (obviously) but still holds up to my "need for chewy". Brewed in this way, with the addition of the cream, it loses its fruitiness (yeah!) and leans more to the milk chocolate side. Also, as a Flat White this is stellar. I use 1/2 & 1/2 and let the Jura do its thing. This one really surprised me as it didn't "look" very dark as a bean and I had originally mixed this with another of Tony's blends that was a dark roast and on the oily side. Upon retesting this solo, I have landed on Sugar Bee as my daily go-to.

Medium Dark / Great Gift Coffees

Carree S.

Croton On Hudson, NY

Roseline Coffee

Catapult Blend - Dual Purpose Espresso/Drip

$46.00 / 2 lbs.

Roseline’s catapult blend came up in several conversations while I was looking for a new roaster to try. Based on the flavor profile, I took the plunge and bought a 2 pound bag. Best. Purchase. Ever! Not only did I find a phenomenal new roaster, I discovered a delicious coffee that fits what I have been looking for....Perfect thick body, balanced chocolate and citrus notes. I could sip this all day, And will! V60

Medium Light / Great Gift Coffees


Salt Laker City, UT

Klatch Coffee

Panama Elida Natural Catuai

$65.28 / 2 lbs.

Panama Elida is an outstanding smooth coffee with flavor, I drink it black and it is one of the best I have tasted. Roast is done perfectly and not roasted too dark to make it bitter like Starbucks crap.

Medium Light / Single Origin

Regina C.

Warm Springs,, GA

Doma Coffee Roasting Company

Guatemala Huehuetenango

$23.50 / 12 oz.

This coffee is pehenomenal. Often time I don’t taste all the flavors the toaster lays out but this one was dead on. I felt like I was drinking three different coffees because the three stages were so distinct. My guests just raved about it. I will get this one again.

Medium / Single Origin

Danny L.

Mckinney, TX

Atomic Coffee Roasters

Black Velvet

$16.50 / 12 oz.

It's dark as you can notice from its name. Yes, it is dark. But it is not just dark. When I brewed Americano from this, I could realize why it contains "Velvet" in its name. It was very smooth, silk-like, creamy taste. I've already met various kind of coffee beans, but others lacked 2%. So, do you want the perfect, creamy, "Velvet"-like coffee? Then why don't you try this?

Dark / French/Italian

Jeonghoon K

Brooklyn, NY, NY

Dallis Bros. Coffee

Ellis Island Blend

$13.60 / 12 oz.

Amazing. Smooth and delish

Medium / Fair Trade

Angela H.

Crofton, MD

PT's Coffee


$16.00 / 10 oz.

I like a strong, robust, flavorful coffee. This is now my go-to coffee when we serve decaf. Our guests who prefer strong coffees, always love it; those that don't are taken aback. (If I were a good host, I'd keep a milder caf coffee around for those who don't like bolder blends).

Medium / Dir. Trade

Paul B.

Annandale, VA

Bird Rock Coffee

Bird Rock Blend

$18.00 / 10 oz.

This is a smooth and delicious blend. It deserves to be rated at the top of the list along with other great coffees! If you won't take my educated palettes word, get a bag or two for yourself and see. Remember to brew it properly, as even the very best coffee will not reveal its best taste if not done properly! "Coffee Lover"

Medium Dark / Great Gift Coffees

Robert F.

Pacheco, CA

Doma Coffee Roasting Company

Vito's Espresso

$45.00 / 2 lbs.

One of my new favorites. Gives a very traditional tasting espresso but no burnt or ash aftertaste as with many other roasts. Not as berry tasting as others which I find a little too fruit forward.

Medium / Relationship

Paul F

North Miami Beach, FL

Ghost Town Coffee Roasters

Mocha Java

$15.00 / 12 oz.

I have tasted other Mocha Java roasts and none comes close to the appeal of 'Ghost Town'. I first ordered the small size, but quickly learned to appreciate the strong, tasty flavor, so now order the 5 lb. size. If you like strong coffee, this'll knock your socks off!

Medium / Sustainable

Thomas L.

North Plainfield, NJ