Limited Offering Roasts - New Arrivals
Ritual Coffee
Ritual Coffee - La Folie Bourbon - Guatemala
La Folie Bourbon - Guatemala
(Shade, Single Estate)

$17.75 / 12 oz.
Limited Penny
Sister offering.
Ritual Coffee
Ritual Coffee - El Pajal, Guatemala
El Pajal, Guatemala
(Single Estate, Relationship)

$17.75 / 12 oz.
Limited Microlot
Ritual Coffee
Ritual Coffee - Sweet Tooth Esperanca, Brazil
Sweet Tooth Esperanca, Brazil
(Single Estate, Relationship)

$16.00 / 12 oz.
Limited for the
Onyx Coffee Lab
Onyx Coffee Lab - Rwanda Gishamwana Island
Rwanda Gishamwana Island
$20.50 / 12 oz.
Limited Rwanda!
Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - Ethiopia Yukro
Ethiopia Yukro
$19.00 / 12 oz.
Limited! Get now!
Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - Kenya Gachatha AB
Kenya Gachatha AB
$21.00 / 12 oz.
One of the best
you'll taste this year.