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How Does Auto-Ship Work, You Ask?

It’s easy and fun to use. You may add, delete or modify the selections in your lineup at any time prior to order processing.

Step 1.

As you shop, add an unlimited amount of coffee selections to your Auto-Ship by choosing the button, instead of . You only will be charged when your coffee order is in process to be shipped.

Step 2.

On the Auto-Ship page, select the frequency of your coffee shipment using the drop-down menu, then select the Start Date of Auto-Ship from the pop-up calendar.

Step 3.

To start Auto-Ship:

Click . Your coffee ships in the exact order in your Auto-Ship, and then… Your list conveniently repeats over and over again.

Step 4.

To stop or temporarily suspend Auto-Ship:

Choose Option, , or , select a date from the pop-up calendar when to resume your Auto-Ship, then click . Your shipments are completely stopped, or will start again from the date you choose.

It's a simple as that!

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