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Fresh Roasted Guarantee

Our commitment is to bring to you the freshest and highest quality coffee we can. Coffees are fresh roasted within 1 day of your order, (prior to the order, same day, or next), excluding weekends and certain holidays. If the Roaster has posted a “limited” roasting schedule, your coffee may be roasted later than 1 day of your order, whereas it is roasted fresh and shipped that same day. We guarantee the coffee you receive is fresh roasted, verified by the roast date indicated on the bag.

“Limited Offerings” may ship later than 1 day of your order due to the narrow schedule and day(s) of the week these rare or seasonal beans are roasted. If your order includes one of these items, your entire shipment from that specific roaster will be held, then fresh roasted, and subsequently sent to you to ensure that all the coffee you receive is fresh roasted.

If you find that you coffee was not shipped in a timely manner as defined by our Shipping Policy, or that the indication of the Roast Date is not on the bag, we will have the Roaster ship a replacement order of that coffee at no expense to you. This is the agreement we have with our Roasters and with you.

Please Contact Us for further information.

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