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Auto-Ship Policy

Customers with Auto-Ship also enjoy the benefits of weekly “Specials” and “promotions,” for free coffee, shipping, or other goodies, if their order meets the requirements for that specific roaster’s promotion. No worry about missing out with Auto-Ship. If it’s in your queue and there is a special, you get the deal.

In the unlikely event that a coffee you placed in your Auto-Ship queue is temporarily or no longer unavailable; the next selection in your queue will be shipped. If your Auto-Ship queue ever becomes empty, the queue will be considered concluded.

If you order encompasses multiple items from different roasters and something becomes unavailable, that item will be canceled and the rest of the items will be sent.

Coffees listed as “Limited Offerings” are not available for Auto-Ship, due to limited supplies and roasting schedules.

See How Auto Ship Works? for further information.

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