Gourmet coffee should be extraordinary not just ordinary.

If you look on the Internet, there are countless roasters claiming to roast gourmet coffee. These self-proclaimed gourmet coffee experts range from small roasters to large chains taking over every strip mall near you. What is gourmet coffee anyway? In researching this, there appears to be no standard to measure the difference between a true artisan roaster sourcing primo beans from a quality farmers, from another so-called gourmet coffee roaster who sources badly grown bitter beans, only to over roast it in order to cover up the fact that they are roasting the cheap stuff. How do you separate the frauds and the charlatans from the crema of the crop?

First off it is important to know that like anything else, the good stuff is limited in supply. As a roaster, it is all about who you know. Creating these relationships is not easy. It requires a lot of time and money. The top gourmet coffee roasters know that they need to go straight to the source. Traveling to various farms across the globe every year is pretty much a requirement and only a select few among the mass of roasters in the marketplace do. Their hard work pays off in spades. The relationships formed give them access to the best product, including small micro-lots and rare coffees not often seen because of scarcity.

There are a lot of factors that influence what is and isn't gourmet coffee. The soil, the elevation, the sun or rainfall the coffee plant is exposed to and how it is processed once it is picked, will all have a dominating effect on the flavor notes tasted in coffee. Were the coffee berries allowed to mature and picked when the coffee fruit around the bean was at its sweetest and ripest? The state of the fruit around the bean will have a huge effect on the flavor. Coffee picked too soon, or too late with the fruit around it rotting will destroy and taint the flavor. The top farms let the coffee mature and only hand pick it at its prime. The coffee is then hand sorted. Only the highest quality is grouped together. The loving care these farms put into their growing and processing of these gourmet coffee beans, affords the roasters the ability to truly highlight unique flavor notes via roasting not often tasted before. Sourcing this way is a luxury that even the largest coffee chains cannot afford. They need mass quantities of coffee to service their locations, and supermarket accounts. Sourcing enough beans is always an issue and so is controlling the price, creating profits for shareholders. This all adds up to quality taking the back seat.

For many, calling their beans gourmet coffee is just a marketing gimmick. That is why GoCoffeeGo was born. GoCoffeeGo was created by two passionate coffee drinkers who feel that everyone should have access to the best coffee. Via our family of roasters, we are able to offer hundreds of roasted to order coffees to choose from. GoCoffeeGo.com has fast become the ultimate place to buy gourmet coffee beans online or anywhere.