Are Espresso Beans different than Coffee Beans?

Contrary to popular belief, espresso beans are no different than regular coffee beans. With that said, not all coffee beans are not created equal, nor make a great espresso. Coffee roasters traditionally roast Espresso beans a bit darker because by doing so they can bring out the caramel notes in the espresso beans that are popular in this Italian style of coffee. In recent years, many roasters in the specialty coffee world have shifted to more of a medium roast to bring out new flavor notes in their espresso beans that in the past were lost, having been dominated by the roasting process. The top roasters often play with a wide variety of different beans, like chefs do with ingredients, spending countless hours trying different roast techniques and coffee blends to create their own signature espresso beans.

The origin of the espresso beans used in these blends has a big effect on the flavor notes you taste in every espresso shot. Where the coffee beans were grown will have a dominating effect on the end product. This is because coffees grown in different parts of the world each have unique flavor characteristics common to that region. And while coffees from regions share certain similarities in the types of flavor notes seen, in the end one of the biggest determining factors in the flavor is how the beans were grown, dried and processed. Flavor nuances come from the soil, the country's rainfall, the altitude, micro-climate and elevation the beans were grown at. Was it grown in the sun or the shade or in volcanic soil? Once planted, were the coffee cherries allowed to mature before picking, allowing the coffee fruit around the bean to fully ripen to its maximum sweetness? This is important because the fruit around the coffee bean has an overwhelmingly good or bad effect on the flavor of the bean. If it is not left to mature long enough or if it is left too long and the fruit is left to rot around the coffee bean, then the quality of the beans will suffer.

When it comes to growing the best coffee beans, it can be said that all good things come to those who wait. But too many farmers growing coffee do not. Instead, basing their businesses and farm production on selling quantity, not quality of product. Badly grown coffee picked with no consideration between ripe and rotting. All that matters is what the beans weigh on the scale in relation to the cost per pound paid to the farmer. In the end, if you want to roast the best espresso beans then it is all about sourcing. The old saying hold true: If you want something done right, you do it yourself.

Top roasters do not rely on sourcers to source all of their coffee beans. The elite roasters in the coffee world make many sacrifices, both personally and financially, to travel to origin many times a year. It is all about getting the good stuff. Developing direct relationships with farmers makes this possible. This added effort is the difference that you can taste in the cup. The best roasters in specialty coffee, such as the roasters on are committed to sourcing and roasting the best espresso beans they can, because they believe in making every cup a cup worth drinking. To buy from a huge selection of espresso beans from the country’s finest roasters, go to
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