Our Roasters are impassioned individuals... So much so, that many obsessively travel the world with map in hand, on a quest fueled by rumors of legendary coffee trees and of newfound discoveries. Flying in tiny propeller planes, venturing in jeeps down unmarked dirt roads, their treks lead them on a journey to origin, to the farmers... to remote villages in Africa, to the 17,000 foot high slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, to the forests of Central and South America, to the exotic islands of Indonesia - all to bring this valuable treasure, this little bean, back to their coffee roasting machines... It's now time to transform this conquest, with all of their artisan skills, into the coffee they bring to you, all for your enjoyment.

This is what our Roasters live for, each hour of each day, to maximize the flavor and notes of each and every coffee bean they roast, all in their own unique way. After savoring for a brief moment their part in this creation of excellence, their quest starts all over... Suddenly, their pulse quickens, fueled by rumors of legendary coffee trees and of newfound discoveries... and the chase begins once again. Through it all, their passion continues to guide them on their journey, all for that next cup of perfection, that's so elusive and just out of reach... These are our heroes. These are our Roasters at GoCoffeeGo.

GoCoffeeGo is a San Francisco company founded by Scott Pritikin and Elise Papazian, (click for photo), a couple of creative and crazy, caffeinated coffee devotees. Coffee is our life - we love it - can't get enough of it! There is no bean we shall not grind, no coffee we shall not try. We must gulp and slurp them all! We are coffee adventurers. We sought to expand our "cup" and fill our Espresso machines, French Presses, Pour-Overs, Vacuum Pots, Moccamasters and yes... even a vintage Mr. Coffee machine with the ultimate beans from Super-Star Specialty Roasters throughout the country, who are known in their local communities as the "gods and goddesses" of coffee. Whether you live in a luxury Penthouse in a metropolitan city or a shack in the backwoods, you deserve access to great coffee. This is why we are here. We are GoCoffeeGo.

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