Kuma Coffee
Established: 2007
Location: Bellevue, WA
Roasters: Mark Barany
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Owners: Mark Barany &
Elizabeth Barany
Kuma's Red Bear 2nd
place in the
2013“America’s Best
Espresso” contest!
Multiple Coffee Review
93+ scores!
2014 Good Food Award
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Kuma means bear in Japanese, godmother in Serbian, second wife in Turkish, dog in Togo and I think an expletive in Swahili. All we know is to GoCoffeeGo, it means killer coffee!

Roaster Mark Barany explains his journey into the coffee world...." In 1995 I found myself quickly uprooted from upstate New York to Nairobi, Kenya. My parents had become missionaries and that decision quickly changed my life. I moved into a boarding school in Kijabe, Kenya. I learned to play rugby. I learned to speak Swahili. But most importantly I learned I loved African coffee.

In 1998 I moved to Seattle, Washington. For three years I grew as a barista and developed lifelong friendships at Cafe Celebrazione near Seattle's downtown core. Kuma, our perfect dog at the Seattle Shelter, chose us. This ball of fur that had taken over our lives seemed a perfect moniker for a burgeoning business."

"In 2007 I started a small hobby business in which I roasted only a few pounds at a time for friends, local grocery stores and farmers markets. By 2009 we purchased our dream roasting equipment. We stumbled across a vintage Probat L12 and vintage Probat sample roaster."

Kuma Coffee Coffees
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Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - Aramo Ethiopia Natural
Aramo Ethiopia Natural
$16.00 / 12 oz.
Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - Colombia William Santacruz
Colombia William Santacruz
(Single Estate)

$19.00 / 12 oz.
Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - Concepcion Chuito
Concepcion Chuito
(Dir. Trade, Relationship)

$16.00 / 12 oz.
Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - Decaf Colombia Oscar Daza
Decaf Colombia Oscar Daza

$17.00 / 12 oz.
Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - El Salvador Las Brumas Pacamara
El Salvador Las Brumas Pacamara
(COE, Single Estate)

$18.00 / 12 oz.
1st Place Winner
Excellence 2012!
Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - Kenya Gatomboya
Kenya Gatomboya
(Sustainable, Dir. Trade)

$17.00 / 12 oz.
4th place
Brewers Cup!
Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - Panama Elida Reserve
Panama Elida Reserve
(Dir. Trade, Sustainable)

$19.00 / 12 oz.
Scored a 95 on
Coffee Review!
Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - Red Bear Espresso
Red Bear Espresso

$14.00 / 12 oz.
This Professor Peaberry Recommends indicates that this coffee is one of his favorites.
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