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Temple Coffee - Colombia Raul Duran Micro lot
Temple Coffee
Colombia Raul Duran Micro lot
(Single Estate)

$17.00 / 12 oz.
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This is a fun left quote. Close your eyes…Do soft coffee notes of sweet orange and brown sugar sound like a dream come true? Welcome Colombia Raul Duran. This beautiful micro-lot coffee was grown with love on a tiny 2.5 acres farm called La Mina. Roaster Eton Tsuno and owner Sean Kohmescher and crew at Temple are enamored, exclaiming their Raul Duran is by far one of the very the best Colombian coffee they have cupped all year. Its pretty much mind blowing. If you love light sweet Colombian coffees, then grab this tiny micro lot today. This is a fun right quote.
  July 04, 2014
Medium Light / Single Estate
Kuma Coffee - Kenya Wamuguma
Kuma Coffee
Kenya Wamuguma
$18.00 / 12 oz.
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This is a fun left quote. Simply delicious! Kuma's Kenya Wamuguma is a beautiful, sweet, big bodied cup of jammy berry love. Brewed in my Chemex and served black it is a great drink all day coffee, especially in the heat of August and September. It is great using any brewing method. For those of you that like to add a pinch of sugar, I taste an almost berry and watermellon Kool Aid coffee cup of African wonderfulness. Mark Barany is one of my favorite roasters, not just because he is a lovable kind of chap, but because he really has a palate and knows how to pick and roast coffee that pretty much knocks everyones socks off and a lot of other things! So hold on to your knickers and give this African a try. It is sure to bring a smile from morning till the sun goes down. This is a fun right quote.
  August 22, 2014
Medium Light