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Bird Rock Coffee - Ethiopia Guji Zone
Bird Rock Coffee
Ethiopia Guji Zone
$17.99 / 12 oz.
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This is a fun left quote. 95 Points on Coffee Review?! KAPOW! Bird Rock coffee is on fire with their latest micro-lot offering, Guji Zone, Ethiopia. Heather Brisson and Nick Berardi at the roastery say it is flying out the doors at Bird Rock. They can barely roast it fast enough to fill orders. Take note, GoCoffeeGo customers, there is a reason Chuck Patton's small La Jolla roastery, Bird Rock Coffee, stole the thunder from other competing roasters in 2012 to get a place on our website. Chuck sources great coffee and goes to great lengths, traveling the world to get the primo beans and micro-lot coffees. He is a part of the elite group on GoCoffeeGo that makes travel a part of his life. When he cupped Guji, he fell in love. Guji is an intense coffee. Every aspect of it is intense. It is great, all across the board. Some coffees will have only one or two standout characteristics, like a nice acidity and a fine body or huge sweetness. When popping open a bag of Guji, it smells great. You notice a syrupy sweetness and deep fruitiness in aroma. When you brew it up, it really shines in pour over, cone filter or a Chemex. In an a French Press I would expect it to be even more intense. The flavors come in layers. When it is hot, you get floral, dried blueberry and fruit flavors out of it. As it cools, you notice the deepness of the profile with flavors like lycée and custardy chocolate. I advise everyone to try drinking it straight, without milk. This is a coffee that will get the coffee with milk drinkers to switch to drinking coffee black. We love this one. Brilliant! This is a fun right quote.
  April 15, 2014
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PT's Coffee - Fazenda Rainha Pulped Natural
PT's Coffee
Fazenda Rainha Pulped Natural
$14.52 / 12 oz.
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This is a fun left quote. I love Brazilian coffees, so when PT's Fazenda Rainha arrived I was excited. I was thrilled to see it was a natural processed coffee and the description was enticing. I pulled out the Chemex and brewed some up. One sip and I was smiling. It has a great full body that is smooth and creamy. Orange citrus and dark caramel notes make this a great drink all day coffee. I love this coffee and can see why it was a Cup Of Excellence winner in 2011. I think you will raise your cup and agree. Bravo to Jeff and Fred at PT's! This is a fun right quote.
  April 07, 2014
Medium Light