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PT's Coffee - Konga Natural Grade 1 SOE Espresso
PT's Coffee
Konga Natural Grade 1 SOE Espresso
$23.00 / 1 lb.
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This is a fun left quote. Attention Espresso Lovers: This is one great African shot! This is not the first time we have had this fantastic naturally processed espresso on the site. Last year the gang at PTís Coffee sent over a bag and we honestly flipped! It was truly one of my favorite espressos of the year. I never forgot. This is not just a one or 2 note espresso but one that is full of apricot and blackberry notes with a milky caramel sweetness. The body is syrupy, smooth and velvety with a subtle hint of floral to make this girl one sexy shot. Great to drink as a straight shot or with a little bit of steamed milk. Use 6 oz or less. Don't drown it! Not too much or the fruit forward flavors could get lost. Not the cheapest espresso around but in in my humble opinion, it is well worth the price. This is a fun right quote.
  June 12, 2015