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Kuma Coffee - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aramo Woreda
Kuma Coffee
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aramo Woreda
$17.00 / 12 oz.
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This is a fun left quote. It has only just arrived but we are hearing great things about Kuma's latest offering. News from an early morning phone call perked my interest. While I reclined on my terrace, enjoying my morning espresso, the phone rang. It was Mark Barany from Kuma. The phone crackled as he weaved through the Seattle morning traffic in his automobile. Mark exclaimed and proclaimed his excitement over his new coffee, Ethiopia Aramo Woreda. Like a chap who just met the girl of his dreams the night before, he was gushing and almost bragging. He said "This coffee has everything. Everything I love…It's got tropical fruit, stone fruit, floral elements and candy sweetness. I love it and so does co-roaster, Peter Mark Ingalls. "We have been drinking it and dialing it in all morning. Wait till you try it! It is my new favorite coffee right now." I felt a bit of excitement and felt my body temperature rise. Then I felt some sweat hit my brow in anticipation. Needing to cool down, I asked if this beautiful creature could be my new summer love? Mark confirmed yes. She is great hot and cold. Memories of my high school girlfriend came to mind. My heart beat thinking of the potential. summertime romance ahead. This is a fun right quote.
  May 27, 2014
Medium Light