Temple Coffee - Sumatra Bodhi Batak Peaberry
Temple Coffee - Sumatra Bodhi Batak Peaberry

Sumatra Bodhi Batak Peaberry


$77.50 / 5 lbs.

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Sumatra Bodhi Batak Peaberry
Sumatra BODHI Batak features refined earthy tones that transcends into a berry, orange flavored coffee. Along with a light "syrupy" mouthfeel, it also provides elements of rich tart and a well-integrated citrus aftertaste. Overall, this awesome new crop offers full body while the sweet and bright fruit notes linger into a long, resonant finish.

This new cr...
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Roast: Medium
Body: Juicy and full
Acidity: Bright, elegant and complex
Notes: Jolly rancher candy, berry, orange flavored.
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