2607 El Salvador Tres Lamites SustainableDir. Trade $87.50 5 lbs. Medium Medium Med high Bourbon vanillastone fruitpineapplefudge Tres Limites 1500 meters El Salvador, Juuayua, Sonsonate Bourbon Natural Dry
Temple Coffee - El Salvador Tres Lamites
Temple Coffee - El Salvador Tres Lamites

El Salvador Tres Lamites

(Sustainable, Dir. Trade)

$87.50 / 5 lbs.

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El Salvador Tres Lamites
This El Salvador is the second of our Hi-U micro-lotís for this year. Tres Limites is an amazing and true example of perfectly pampered natural processed bourbon coffee from El Salvador.

Even more special, Tres Limites is produced by Cecilia Dolores Salaverria; obviously a female producer. This may not seem like a feat, or anything special, however in El Salvador, just...
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Roast: Medium
Body: Medium
Acidity: Med high
Notes: Bourbon vanilla, stone fruit, pineapple, fudge
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