3011 Costa Rica Sonora Honey Bourbon Dir. TradeSingle Estate $18.00 12 oz. Medium Deep Balanced and complex Peachjuicymilk chocolatefloral. Sonora Estate 1250 meters Costa Rica Bourbon Natural
Temple Coffee - Costa Rica Sonora Honey Bourbon
Temple Coffee - Costa Rica Sonora Honey Bourbon

Costa Rica Sonora Honey Bourbon

(Dir. Trade, Single Estate)

$18.00 / 12 oz.

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Costa Rica Sonora Honey Bourbon
This year we have purchased a few coffees directly from Costa Rica and Panama in order to help build a relationship with a few select producers, and bring in exceptional “Farm to Cup: Direct” coffees.

For this year, we purchased 100% of the Bourbon crop from Sonora. The Honey lot is so unique and delicious, that we were contract #001 for 2013. This lot from Sonora is exceptional, only 7 bags available, so get it while you can!

Roast: Medium
Body: Deep
Acidity: Balanced and complex
Notes: Peach, juicy, milk chocolate, floral.
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