Temple Coffee - Colombia Raul Duran Micro lot
Temple Coffee - Colombia Raul Duran Micro lot

Colombia Raul Duran Micro lot

(Single Estate)

$17.00 / 12 oz.

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Colombia Raul Duran Micro lot
This micro-lot from Raul Antonio Duran Gutierrez is the finest Colombia we have cupped all year. Raul is a perfect example of a small scale Colombia producer. His farm La Mina is only 1 hectar or slightly smaller than 2.5 acres.

Raul produces 100% Caturra, and processes all his coffee with hand equipment. Hopefully we can all pay a visit in 2014/15 to begin a strong relationship with this producer.

Roast: Medium Light
Body: Soft
Acidity: Sweet
Notes: Sweet Orange, Brown sugar
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