Temple Coffee - Sumatra Blue Batak Peaberry
Temple Coffee - Sumatra Blue Batak Peaberry

Sumatra Blue Batak Peaberry


$15.50 / 12 oz.

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This is one killer Sumatra!

Sumatra Blue Batak Peaberry
The Batak people from Northern and Central Sumatra have been producing coffee around the Lake Toba region since coffee was first brought to Indonesia in the late 1600’s. Our Blue Batak coffees come from a collaboration of a hundred small holder producers around the end of the lake in the Lintong region between 1200-1600 meters above sea level where volcanic soil and ideal rainfall...
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Roast: Medium Light
Body: Heavy
Acidity: Nice
Notes: Rich, herbaceous, sweet blackberry, tobacco, new leather, black pepper, and aromatic cedar.
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