2884 Sweet Tooth Carrizal, El Salvador Dir. TradeShade $18.95 12 oz. Medium Sweet Bright Tart Cherryhibiscus with marshmallow finish Monte Rey Nancy Majano de Arenivar 1600 meters Carrizal, El Salvador Bourbon and Pacas Dried on raised beds
Ritual Coffee - Sweet Tooth Carrizal, El Salvador
Ritual Coffee - Sweet Tooth Carrizal, El Salvador

Sweet Tooth Carrizal, El Salvador

(Dir. Trade, Shade)

$18.95 / 12 oz.

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Sweet Tooth Carrizal, El Salvador
Since 2008, Ritual has been proud to roast the coffees of Nancy Majano de Arenivarís farm, Monte Rey. On the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano, at elevations up to 1600 meters, these Bourbon and Pacas variety coffee cherries grow under a forest of shad trees before being harvested and processed with a new Panagos aquapulper. This coffee comes from a section of trees toward the top, ca...
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Roast: Medium
Body: Sweet
Acidity: Bright
Notes: Tart Cherry, hibiscus with marshmallow finish
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