2502 Nelson Ramirez - Honduras Single Estate $16.00 12 oz. Medium Light Medium Complex PersimmonBartlett pearsugarcane Chely Nelson Ramirez 1550 meters Honduras Catuai Dried on raised screens
Ritual Coffee - Nelson Ramirez - Honduras
Ritual Coffee - Nelson Ramirez - Honduras

Nelson Ramirez - Honduras

(Single Estate)

$16.00 / 12 oz.

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Nelson Ramirez - Honduras
This will be our second year offering coffee from Nelson Ramírez’s farm nicknamed “Chely” after his mother which is located in the mountains above Lake Yojoa. These Catuai variety coffees grow at around 1550 meters above sea level, under heavy fog coming up from the lake below. These cooler temperatures, as well as other conditions unique to this micro-climate, slow the maturation p...
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Roast: Medium Light
Body: Medium
Acidity: Complex
Notes: Persimmon, Bartlett pear, sugarcane
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