3224 Mi Cafetal Microlot, Colombia Single Estate $17.75 12 oz. Medium Light Sweet Balanced Butterscotchfruit cocktailand a Kenyan-like note of cassis. Mi Cafetal Jairo Prada and Desarrollo producers group 1700 meters Colombia Caturra
Ritual Coffee - Mi Cafetal Microlot, Colombia
Ritual Coffee - Mi Cafetal Microlot, Colombia

Mi Cafetal Microlot, Colombia

(Single Estate)

$17.75 / 12 oz.

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Mi Cafetal Microlot, Colombia
One of the newest offerings from the Desarrollo producers group, centered around the town of Gigante in the Huila department of Colombia, Jairo Prada cultivates over 27000 Caturra variety coffee plants on his farm, Mi Cafetal, at elevations around 1700 meters above sea level.

Over several lots we found Mr. Prada’s coffees to both interesting and consistent. As our latest micro-lot offering, look for a very balanced profile with distinct flavors of butterscotch, fruit cocktail, and a Kenyan-like note of cassis.

Roast: Medium Light
Body: Sweet
Acidity: Balanced
Notes: Butterscotch, fruit cocktail, and a Kenyan-like note of cassis.
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