2110 Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala Dir. TradeRelationship $18.60 1 lb. Medium Light Full and Creamy Medium, mellow cherry fig-like Almondmarshmallowand fig. Hacienda Carmona Maria Zelaya 1580 - 1890 meters Antigua, Guatemala Bourbón, Typíca Washed, sun dried
Ritual Coffee - Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala
Ritual Coffee - Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala

Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala

(Dir. Trade, Relationship)

$18.60 / 1 lb.

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Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala
This offering is creamy, with flavors of almond, marshmallow, and fig. In Antigua, Guatemala, Maria Zelaya grows these Bourbón and Typíca trees on her 110-hectare farm, Hacienda Carmona, 1580 to 1890 meters above sea level. Maria is fiercely dedicated to producing a quality coffee, and has built a beautiful beneficio, where she processes the coffee in the traditional washed manner: ...
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Roast: Medium Light
Body: Full and Creamy
Acidity: Medium, mellow cherry fig-like
Notes: Almond, marshmallow, and fig.
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